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Keeping the Faith Amid COVID-19
This is a new, daily digital newsletter from OSV meant to help Catholics keep the Faith during this time of coronavirus. While parishes may be physically apart during this time, we want Catholics to be assured we are all in this together. Click the "Read More" button below to sign up for the newsletter. Sign up at:

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All public celebrations of the liturgy, as well as Liturgy of the Hours, Stations of the Cross, and all other group services, Bible studies and activities are to cease beginning immediately. The duty for priests is to continue celebrating Masses “sine populo”, and should include the assistance of at least one other adult minister if possible. All churches are to remain open to individuals for personal prayer, devotions and confessions. Holy Mass can also be viewed on TV or online at, EWTN, and the Catholic Faith Network. Sacrament of Reconciliation: It is reco...

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