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Pentecost Sunday

Posted on June 02, 2017 in: Church Beliefs

The symbols - wind, fire and tongues - are not arbitrary.  Each tells us something about God and his mysterious work in the world. Wind - The word is used elsewhere in Scripture to designate a person's "breath" or "spirit".  The Holy Spirit is said to have been "like wind" because the Spirit is the Church's breath. This divine breath gives the Church an astonishing power of self-renewal.  The Church has suffered greatly from sinful members and leaders, yet, time and again,  she has risen, through the power of this divine Spirit-breath, renewed and purified. ...

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Traditionally the Catholic Church has honored Mary, the mother of Jesus, during the month of May. Some parishes hold May processions—participants sing hymns about Mary, recite the Rosary, and crown a statue of Mary with a wreath of flowers. Some people believe, mistakenly, that Catholics worship Mary. Worship is reserved to God alone. From the earliest times, however, Christians have sought Mary’s prayers and help. They ask Mary to intercede on their behalf, which is entirely appropriate given Mary’s preeminent role in salva­tion history. The Church teaches that Mary is the first and the greates...

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