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Posted on February 16, 2017 in: General News


The Time is Now !!

Dear Fellow Parishioners and Visitors,

Have you ever wondered what to do with the palm given out on Palm Sunday once it becomes old and dry? Did you know that the ashes used on Ash Wednesday come from the burned palm that was blessed the year before? We are now in the process of collecting old blessed palm in the Narthex of Church.

On Tuesday, February 28th the evening before Ash Wednesday, at 6:30PM there will be a special ceremony which will involve the burning of the palm and actual turning of the palm into ashes by the people of the parish. These ashes will be blessed and used on Ash Wednesday.

Following the service there will also be a Pre-Lenten Pot Luck Dinner for the people of the parish. This is a very moving and fitting way to begin Lent as the one body of Christ.

Please come and pray and have some fun with our parish family. The people of the parish are asked to bring a covered dish to share. The Parish will provide the main course. Please RSVP to the Parish Office (314-892-7500) or return the form below by way of the collection basket on the weekends.

Fr. Dennis Port


We (I) Plan to attend the Ash Make & Pot Luck

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