2018 Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Posted on February 16, 2017 in: General News

Every year St. Matthias offers a pilgrimage to holy shrines throughout the world for the spiritual and intellectual development of parishioners and friends. The next pilgrimage will take place January 16-25, 2018.

There is no better way to understand the Gospels than to see, feel and walk in the places where Jesus actually walked, taught, lived, died and rose from the dead - the Holy Land.

On the third day in the Holy Land a visit is made to Tel Beth She’an where a huge Roman city of the time of Jesus is being excavated. In the Old Testament (1 Samuel 31:10-12) Beth She’an is mentioned as the place where the bodies of King Saul and his sons were shown to the people. 

For more information contact Fr. Port (314-892-7500). Brochures detailing the entire itinerary of the Pilgrimage are available at the Parish Office and the Narthex of the church.