The St. Matthias Parish School of Religion and Spirituality offers resources for children ages 5 to 7. There will be a 9:30am class offered for ages 8-10 as well as 11:30 for ages 11 through high school. All Sacramental classes will be offered.

Parishioners are encouraged to be part of this new program.  Parents, Grandparents, students and parishioners are needed to make our new and revolutionary concept PSR+S successful.
We strongly encourage reaching out to all youth in our parish from the ages of 5-18 to consider our customized Catholic approach to the spirituality advocated by Pope Francis.

The PSR+S also includes: young adults, under 40 community and under 55 community. We have many needs and ideas for prayer, study, and service that include these members of our parish.

Contact: or call Joe at 314-308-5296 with questions.