The St. Matthias Parish School of Religion and Spirituality offers resources for all ages. We recognize parents as the real teacher - always! 

Ages 3-10 will continue to be offered the The Children's Liturgy of the Word at 10:30 Mass.
Ages 7-16 are welcome to sign up for the seven summer opportunities this summer. 

  • Youth Ministry opportunities on Saturdays

School Year
Sunday PSRS.
Ages 3-10 will continue to be offered the The Children's Liturgy of the Word at Mass.
Ages 5-8 are home schooled but allowed to attend the 9:30 am PSRS class.
Ages 9-11 are asked to attend the 9:30 am PSRS class.
Ages 12-16 are asked to attend the 11:30 am PSRS class. 

NEW: 12:30 PM class for older students each Sunday. This flexible class may meet for as long as the parents and students request. This time can also be adjusted to Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons. 

All Sacramental classes will be offered -- Joe Dahlem will continue to meet with each new student and design a sacramental program to meet the needs of the family for 2023. 

Parishioners are encouraged to be part of this new program.  Parents, Grandparents, students and parishioners are needed to make our new and revolutionary concept PSRS successful. We strongly encourage reaching out to all youth in our parish from the ages of 5-18 to consider our customized Catholic approach to the spirituality advocated by Pope Francis.

The PSRS also includes: young adults, under 40 community and under 55 community. We have many needs and ideas for prayer, study, and service that include these members of our parish. We start the early foundations for Centering Prayer for adults and families along with 12-Step and support groups of every desired interest. Our parish can expand our Adult Education Programs with the proper parishioner supervision. Joe is willing to help set these up. 

Under the leadership of our pastor Father Port, we believe we can reach out to all the children in our neighborhood of any faith or background. We do hope people will join our Catholic Community as full parishioners giving their time and talent whenever they can fully join us. 

Contact: or call Joe at 314-229-1213 with questions.